Spriere Productions  of Excelsior, Minnesota produced our new

St. Luke Tune's Dance DVD and information videos for God is Good VBS.  Your parish will love the beautiful scenery and cinematography from our Minnesota landscape.

Father Mark Dosh provides the Nihil Obstats* for our curricula. That  is no small favor as he perfects our study of theology so that every lesson is taught in accordance to the Magisterium. He was ordained in 1958 before studying in Belgium and Rome and taught philosophy and theology at St. Paul Seminary. He has been a priest abroad in Latin America.  Father Dosh is also a dear friend to the Johnsons and has baptized and given first reconciliation and communion to all of the Johnson children!

Eric Johnson lends twenty five years of business experience and a strong Catholic background to God is Good Catholic Vacation Bible Schools.  He also happens to be married to Julia and is the very patient father to the Johnson children.  He is featured in the photo at the bottom of the page.

Steve Nelson

Quick Turn Duplication duplicates our CDs and Dance DVDs.  He is a media master and prices his work reasonably, for us, as his own family particpates in VBS.

recent programs

We currently offer four programs including Amazing Apostles' Creed VBS, Jesse Tree Journey VBS, Our Magnificent Four: St. Luke VBS and Discovery Mission VBS.  

our team

God is Good VBS began in 2013 after Julia Johnson, and many Catholic educators, noticed a tremendous need for a sound Catholic, summer program, that created energy for children, so they could grow excited about their rich faith.  Providing fun activities, yet being committed to Catholic education and forming our children's faith, is critical when considering Vacation Bible Schools.  Our Catholic Vacation Bible School programs enrich our Catholic faith and engage children in Scripture.  We embrace the richness of Church traditions and Scripture while praying, creating, singing and playing. Guidance from the Holy Spirit fosters children's love for Jesus as they participate in these wonderful opportuinities!

Julia Johnson

Curricula Development

​​                                        (952) 290-0483 

The Johnson Family

The Johnson Children have been our first "curricula test team" for several years. Emily, Benjamin, Ryan, Michael, Joshua and Mary - ages seven to seventeen - participate in every God is Good VBS game, art project, prayer, song, dance, role play and snack. We lead our curricula with a "large test group" too! Julia improves aspects of her curricula based on the children's feedback and performance of activities.

Bloomington MN Parish who enjoyed Amazing Apostles' Creed VBS

Bruce Kraft and Darcie Riordin have provided our unique, user-friendly, colorful designs for guides in the Director's Kits. Without their expertise in design our original, Catholic lessons would look like everyone else's.

Please scroll through to read about the generous people and staff who help God is Good VBS . . .

Nicole Lunger contributes cover, marketing and logo designs for God is Good VBS.  ​She is also our master of a webmaster!

mission & vision

We have one week to evangelize the Catholic faith and scripture to our youth, and we value that week with our unique curricula.

our story


Want more Catholic Faith Formation Stories AND curricula ideas? ​Visit our God is Good VBS Blog!

* Imprimaturs are granted in Minnesota and Georgia

John Holden ​manages the marketing and copy editing for God is Good Catholic Vacation Bible Schools.  He has forty years of experience in advertising, marketing and writing, and has been deeply involved in church communications and stewardship.

Sam Alzheimer and Vianney Vocations provided the expertise when it came to vocation education andGod is Good VBS provided the child language and the VBS knowledge to develop one of our most popular themes: Discovery Mission VBS.

Studio D Dance Companyprovides our Dance DVD dancers. They are outstanding dancers and guides for our dances.  Studio D is located in St. Bonifacious, MN and Dayna Danielson choreographs our dances.


God is Good VBS suggests that middle and high school students, and parents volunteer in preparing the program and mentoring K-6th graders throughout the week.

has been teaching in Catholic classrooms, home educating in the faith, and writing lessons since 1994 when she earned her degree in Elementary Education and Language Arts. She became part of Vacation Bible Schools over ten years ago and develops a large part of our guides. Experts in role plays, snacks and physical education assist in making our guides even more complete. 

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