He said, “Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

 (Matthew 19:14)

“My favorite part of this summer’s VBS was the prayer station.  We prayed in the church and adoration and we learned about the Stations of the Cross.  The little ones liked that station, too, because our leader was very spiritual and kept it understandable for their age, too.”

- High school volunteer at ICC parish in Watertown, MN.  

Singing and dancing to energetic, Catholic music is most important to children when attending VBS.  Children will love John Angotti's energetic music 

featured in Amazing Apostles' Creed VBS.

About the program: 

 Running through an "Apostles' Obstacle Course," painting ten commandment symbols on "stone tablets," watching fun Biblical role plays and eating Angel Gabriel Cakes are just a few of the entertaining summer activities children will participate in, at Imprimatur approved Amazing Apostles' Creed VBS!


Amazing Apostles' Creed is an invitation to bring children closer to Jesus and His Church during the fun, enjoyable summer months. A sound Catholic Vacation Bible School, full of exciting activities and spiritual growth, provides an opportunity for our Church to evangelize. Exploring our Bible and our beautiful Catechesis forms faith in Catholics, young and old, but it also helps us reach out to our Christian brothers and sisters who want to know more about our rich, traditional religion.  We are blessed to be called to His Church and it is here that we celebrate!   





"I liked that the station guides were divided and could be handed out to the volunteers of the program.  They were in different colors, and as large as the director's guide, making it VERY easy to differentiate.​"

 - Cinthia, DRE, Bloomington, MN

An amazing alert: God is Good vbs is currently revising the layout of this program. we will be selling this pilot program again, Fall 2017.  call if you'd like more information about choosing one of our other programs to fit the needs of your parish best: 952-290-0483

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