AMAZING APOSTLES' CREED is an invitation to bring children closer to Jesus and His Church during the fun, enjoyable summer months. A sound Catholic Vacation Bible School, full of exciting activities and spiritual growth, provides an opportunity for our Church to evangelize and learn about what we believe; and let's face it, our faith is pretty exciting!

This is a unique, adventurous program that helps children discover more about God's call to marriage, priesthood and religious life. Young hearts learn about our beautiful vocations, pray, play games, create art, dance, enjoy treats, explore Scripture and discover more about God's call at Discovery Mission VBS! This program was developed in collaboration with Vianney Vocations, an inspiring organization that excels in vocation education.

We explore one of the most beautifully written Gospels in our Bible and the man who brought us that Good News about Jesus in another energetic theme focused on St. Luke.  Children will be amazed to learn about many of the stories that were only presented by Luke the Evangelist.  

Children learn about the birth of our Savior, His miracles, His ministry, the Passion and more. Ready to be shipped on the day you order!

Our VBS programs are vacations from the usual methods of Catechesis!

Jesse Tree Journey Day or 5 Day Program takes your children on a terrific trip through the Old Testament to meet Jesus' family heroes. Children learn about Abraham, Jesse, David, Jonah, Mary, Joseph, Mary and more. Through out the day, or in 5 days, they'll grow closer to Jesus and His Church as they finally celebrate His birth and the building of our Church. Children meet His family through music and art, prayer and game faith formation stations.  

WE ARE PROUD TO offer 4 PROGRAMS - Choose the Perfect THEME for your Parish

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