Director's Kit Includes:​

  • Director, Art, Prayer, Game, Snack and Role Play Guides
  • CD and Dance DVD
  • Director's Flash Drive for promotion and planning
  • Posters
  • Free Tee
  • Opportunities to order decorations, tees, CDs and more . . .

​​Your parish will discover that Luke the Evangelist VBS assemblies, role plays, dances, art, games, prayers, snacks and technology are energetic and fun.  The children will enjoy learning about Jesus' life in St. Luke's Scripture, as Luke was known as the Gospel writer for women and children. His was a Gospel of poetry, simplicity and beauty and children appreciate St. Luke's exciting readings.

Because Luke's Gospel is special, Our Magnificent Four: Luke the Evangelist provides joy for our children as they explore amazing art, creative snacks, solid prayer, fun games and more . . .


Our  Magnificent  Four:



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